Custom Wound Transformers, Inductors and Coils, Magnetic Related Components

V-Tech has 35 years’ experience designing, manufacturing, selling, and sourcing custom transformers and inductor solutions for Original Equipment Makers (OEMs.)

We have been associated with magnetic solutions for power supplies so long we have copper in our veins. Our experience has allowed us to build expertise in critical market segments helping deliver turnkey solutions magnetic components. Some of our products are used in devices such as: medical amplifiers, food and engine industrial controls, audio amplifiers, smart grids, power supplies, water treatment devices, renewable energy products, military equipment, and defense applications to name a few. Contact V-Tech for all your custom and standard transformer, inductor, coils and other magnetic related design and production manufacturing needs.

Switch Mode High Frequency Transformers, Inductors and Coils

  • Transformers up to 500KHz
  • Power Rating: From 1VA up to 10KVA
  • Pulse
  • Fly Back
  • Forward
  • Full Wave and Have Bridge
  • Push-Pull
  • Sizes such as: EFD, EPC, EP, RM, ER, ETD, PQ, EE, EI, Pot Core
  • Inductors
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • Through hole and surface mount
  • Magnetic Components
  • Custom Coils
  • Bobbin Wound Coils
  • Planar Transformers

EI Laminated Magnetics—Transformers, Inductors, Chokes, Reactors, and Impedance Bonds

Transformers Single and 3 Phase
Dry type transformers from 5kVA to 2 kVA, with voltage class from 600V to 15kV

Inductors, Reactors, and Chokes
Iron Core, Air Core, Toroidal Core

Water Cooled Solutions

Direct and Indirect cooled transformers and chokes

High Frequency Power Magnetics

Ferrite, Amorphous and other cores in various topologies

Impedance Bonds
Tuned/Untuned, Audio Frequency, WEE/ZEE, Mini

  • Insulation classes from 105 Deg C (Class A) thru 200 Deg C (Class N)
  • Mounting options: Chassis, Through Hole PC, SMT, Panel Mount
  • Designed to meet regulatory agency requirements such as UL, VDE, and CSA and other agency enquirements upon request.

Toroidal Power Products, Single and 3 Phase Toroidal Transformer Types

  • 50/60 Hz Single Phase 8 VA to 35 KVA
  • 400Hz 3 Phase up to 250 KVA
  • Medical Isolation
  • Commercial Isolation
  • Autoformers
  • PCB Mounted Transformers
  • Audio Output Transformers
  • Lighting Transformers
  • Medical Power Isolation Units
  • Packaged Power Products
  • Power Conditioning Units
  • Current Transformers-Large & Small


Toroidal Technologies

  • Low Inrush Technology
  • Ultra Screen Technology
  • Narrow Band Technology
  • Hybrid 3 Phase Technology
  • Low Stray Field Technology
  • Low Noise

Ignition Coils

  • Inductance tolerance +/- 15%
  • Hi Pot: Primary to Secondary, 30,000 Vac 1 Sec
  • Operating Temperature: -40 Deg C to +85 Deg C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 Deg C to +85 Deg C
  • RoHs compliant

Safety Agencies

Transformers and coils designed to meet regulatory agency requirements such as UL, VDE, and CSA and other agency requirements upon request.

Manufacturing Benefits

  • Financially sound companies’ minimum of 40 years’ experience
  • Trusted Sources
  • In-House Design Deep Bench
  • Multiple UL Design Files and Insulation Systems
  • Rapid Pro Typing
  • 80% custom designed products
  • Logistics support

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